Brief introduction of rolling mill



Brief introduction of rolling mill

  Rolling mill manufacturers believe that the equipment we usually refer to is actually a kind of equipment that can complete the metal rolling process by default. That is to say, the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling material production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and conveying equipment and ancillary equipment. However, what is said in actual production often only refers to the main equipment.

  Do you know how it is named? In fact, when naming, it is mainly named according to the rolling variety, type and nominal size. The principle of "nominal scale" for profiles is named after the pitch circle diameter of the herringbone gear of the gear seat. In the beginning, it was named after the nominal diameter of the roll. As for the strip, it is generally named after the length of the working roll body. The steel pipe is named after the production of large diameter pipes. In some cases, it can also be named after the name of the device designer.

  Of course, the choice of products is also very elegant. Under normal circumstances, in the process of selection, the type and size of finished or semi-finished products are mainly selected according to the requirements of product varieties, standards, quality and output value, and the necessary auxiliary, lifting and transportation and auxiliary equipment are equipped. , and then according to the requirements of various factors, finally be balanced and selected.

  Then, from the analysis of the current application situation, what will be the development of the rolling mill in the future? At present, the general development trend is towards the goal of serialization, automation, specialization, high product quality and low consumption.

  After years of experience accumulation and continuous innovation, the current design level and production level have been significantly improved. Now various equipment, such as cold and hot strip, thick plate, high-speed wire rod, H-shaped bar and continuous rolling pipe unit, have more perfect performance, and the production speed has also been significantly improved.