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Finishing emulsion spray project


Finishing emulsion spray project
Case situation: The customer's on-site emulsion spraying effect is not good, resulting in poor cooling of the roll, which affects the amount of copper powder in the back-end . The roll is easy to crack, which accelerates the loss of the roll. And the emulsion oil film is not easy to form, and cannot protect the surface finish of the roll. production stop
The machine is specially used to replace the rolls, which affects the progress of production due to the inability to continue production. Therefore, the customer invited us to order a finishing emulsion spraying solution for him.
Transformation results: By changing the spraying to solve the actual problems of the customer, after 5 days of construction, we have effectively improved the spraying effect of the emulsion , improved the surface finish of the copper rod roughing mill, and reduced the The amount of copper powder stripped from the copper rod ensures the service life of the roll, which greatly saves the cost of the customer's roll and improves the production efficiency.

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